1. earthlynation:

    Heterixalus punctatus, Vohimana reserve, Madagascar (by Frank.Vassen)

  2. llbwwb:

    White Lioness (by MartynGwhizz Photography)

  4. llbwwb:

    Elephant in Masai Mara by Sarah Ahern (by Exodus Travels - Reset your compass)

  5. 89cats:

    untitled by sakurakos on Flickr.

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  9. celestiol:

    I Won’t Say Meow (by Harimau Kayu)

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  10. vurtual:

    Sleepy hollow…shallow… (by Ellen Cuylaerts)

  11. oecologia:

    "Wildlife and the Moon" - A Series by Mario Moreno.

  12. borzoi puppy by WildHorse馬烈

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  14. big-catsss:

    Africa, Kenya, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lioness(Panthera leo) carries young cub in her mouth while walking across savanna by Paul Souders

  15. pudgethecat:

    What are you trying to say, Pudge?